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Mulberry Muse on etsy


Wendy Paula Patterson, quintessentially British with a fine sense of humour and an ecclectic taste in French Vintage and antique ephemera.

Always passionate about art and design she studied Graphic Arts in Adelaide and was apprenticed to leading packaging designer Wytt Morro & Son.

As an Illustrator & Designer she has worked for Design Houses in Adelaide, London and Sydney.

Using computers to work with is a recent addition to the portfolio. Wendy now combines both techniques, digitally collaging original paintings and drawings with vintage ephemera, to create the unique Mulberry Muse and Cafe Baudelaire collections.

Licensing agreements for designs are held by
"Dish and Spoon Productions LLC"
"Piper Ba..."Piper Bags"


For further inquiries Mulberry Muse website can be found at:

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